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At Tucson Epoxy Services & Supply, we have a very well-rounded team of professional contractors who are certified in the industry and equipped with the expertise to install the most beautiful and reliable finishes for decorative countertops surfaces, epoxy flooring, and polished concrete applications. Our primary goal is to deliver high-quality and sustainable flooring solutions designed to withstand even the most demanding settings, which include residential communities, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities.

Professional Flooring Contractors for Epoxy & Polished Concrete Installations – Currently serving Tucson, Arizona, and ALL surrounding areas.



Our Certified Professionals have over a decade of experience among the industry’s top. Whether you’re looking for beautiful flooring or new countertops, we want to make the process as simple as possible for you. Plus, we are the largest distributor of materials, so if you’re interested in DIY, give us a call. We are eager to help!

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Industrial Flooring

Our Services

  • Epoxy Flooring/Countertops: These decorative epoxy finishes are luxurious, durable, and customized to your exact liking! Epoxy can be achieved on both concrete floors and countertop surfaces. Resurfacing finishes typically include Solid Color Epoxy, Flakes/Chips, Metallic Epoxy, and Glitter Floors!
  • Decorative Concrete: Upgrade your concrete floors and/or countertops with the natural beauty of decorative concrete finishing. This durable choice is long-lasting and absolutely sustainable!
  • Terrazzo Restoration: We will bring back the natural beauty of your terrazzo surfaces. Terrazzo Flooring is a practical solution for contemporary design and construction and deserves to be cleaned and restored!
  • Polished Concrete: Producing a smooth surface and glossy finish, polished concrete applications are the perfect choice for high-traffic areas, commercial businesses AND residential homes! ideal for industrial spaces. Ideal for both concrete countertops and flooring installations.


  1. Timely Projects – Our team works hard to ensure you receive the highest quality floors and countertops within the shortest time possible
  2. Top-Quality Products – With the highest quality materials, we are able to provide you with long-lasting and stunning floors.
  3. As Promised – Our team makes sure to finish the product to your request.
  4. Low Cost – Competitive material pricing while providing the highest quality product is what we strive for.

Our Portfolio

Looking for inspiration? Take a look below to see some of our most recent concrete and epoxy work!

Glossy White

Automotive Shop

Glitter Stairs

Pearl White Metallic Epoxy Floor

Pearl White Metallic

Stained Concrete Walkway

Custom Countertop

Concrete & Epoxy Supply

Are you an industry contractor or DIYer seeking the highest quality products and equipment at an affordable price? 

Tucson Epoxy Contractors and Supply help connect individuals with the best-rated concrete machinery and epoxy coating supplies for all industrial, commercial, and residential flooring demands. This includes high-performance concrete floor grinders/polishers, epoxy resin and floor coating systems, affordable diamond tooling, and so much more!

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